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Purpose of Gifted and Talented
Burkburnett High School's Gifted/Talented Program provides a more rigorous curriculum which is differentiated by content, process, and product, and provides appropriately challenging educational experiences for students enrolled in G/T. The program helps students learn how to become self directed learners who think critically and explore scholarship with a level of depth and complexity not required by other learners.
An instructional environment is created that fosters students who seek original solutions which reflect higher cognitive processes. The instructional program and learning environment helps gifted learners develop a positive  self-image enhancing their unique gifts, talents, and  creativity while interacting productively with others.

ALPS/GT Referrals Accepted in November

Referrals for the Advanced Learner Program and Services (ALPS/GT), also known as the Gifted and Talented Program, of Burkburnett ISD are now being accepted for students currently in grades K-11. Parents, teachers, and community members may refer students for testing.

ALPS provides a curriculum which is differentiated in content, processes and products to provide appropriate learning experiences for students exhibiting educational need.

Referral Forms are available at each campus and will be accepted  from November 1 until 3:15 PM on November 30.

G/T Contact
If you have questions about the Gifted and Talented Program at Burkburnett High School, please contact Kristin Pappas at or Karen Sanderson at