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Pre-AP & AP Program

Burkburnett ISD recognizes the value of student participation in advanced academic coursework and encourages students to graduate from high school having taken as many advanced courses as they can and still be successful. Because of the challenge of Pre‐AP and AP courses students may require additional encouragement to complete rigorous academic work.

BISD Open Access Philosophy: The Burkburnett ISD believes that all students who are willing to undertake the challenge of rigorous coursework should have that opportunity. Students who have taken the prerequisite courses and have an interest can enroll in Pre‐AP/AP classes.

Entrance Criteria:
  • Students must successfully complete prerequisite grade level courses.
  • Students must recognize the long‐term benefits of participation, seek assistance when needed, and be committed to the course.

Student Expectations: BISD Pre‐AP/ AP students strive to...
  • Be independent learners, willing to read, learn, ask questions, pursue outside reading and research, integrate and discuss material from diverse sources.
  • Spend the time needed each week for each Pre ‐ AP/AP class. Weekends, long breaks, and personal time will be used to stay on schedule with content information. Expect homework. 
  • Attend class, take tests, and turn in assignments on time. Being prepared and displaying a willingness to actively take part in classroom discussions, simulations, and group work will lead to success.
  • Accept that enrollment in a Pre ‐ AP/AP course does not guarantee an A or B grade.
  • Accept assignments, suggestions, and tutoring from the teacher. Timely completion of all assignments, prompt attention to make ‐ up work, and active participation in tutorials and study groups when needed are all necessary for student success. Anyone who lacks the discipline to meet the rigorous demands these courses may encounter difficulties. 
  • Complete summer assignments, if assigned. Some Pre ‐ AP/AP courses have summer assignments. These are required and must be completed before the start of the school year. In these Pre ‐ AP/AP courses, students may be given a test/essay in the first two weeks of school. See your Pre ‐ AP/AP teacher or the district or campus web sites for summer assignment information.