Summer is in full force! And we can bet you've probably already heard the dreaded, "I'm bored.....". Beat boredom with these fun at home science projects! All of these projects even sneak in a little learning, too. 

Homemade Rock Candy

This experiment only calls for 6 ingredients that you are sure to have sitting around. Once you set up your project, it can take up to a week to be fully done. Your kiddo will get to watch it grow every day! Click Here for the instructions.

Colors On The Move

For this experiment you will need whole milk, food coloring and dish soap. Here are the instructions. Have your child make a hypothesis on what they think will happen when they dip the dish soap into the milk and food coloring. This one is so fun! 

Diet Coke And Mentos Explosion 

Head outside for this one! You have probably seen this experiment before, but have you done it? Your kids will love it! Here is a short video on how you do it, plus written instructions. If your kids have never heard of this, have them guess what will happen! If they have, have them guess why it explodes. 

How To Make A Naked Egg

This experiment will blow your kids mind (and probably yours, too). All you need is raw eggs, vinegar, and a couple of glasses. The process takes about a day, but the shell will start dissolving and you will be left with a naked egg! Click here for the instructions. 


What are some of your favorite experiments you have done at home with your kids? 

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