Back to school time is right around the corner! We know you parents are rejoicing. We also know that getting the morning routine back in full swing can be quite the process. Below we have gathered a few tips to help you start thinking about how to simplify your mornings! 

Lunchbox Tips

If your kiddo brings their lunch from home - make their lunch the night before! That way you arent scrambling in the morning. Another great idea is to have a "snack station" with sides your kids can pick from and throw into their lunch. This blogger has some great ideas on how to organize school snacks here. 


Picking out what to wear each morning can be a huge battle for some parents. This days-of-the-week hanging clothes organizer looks life changing. Pick out all the outfits on Sunday and you are good for the week. You can also personalize this with your childs name. Really, this would be great for any family to speed up mornings. 

Bathroom Tips

If you are a family of multiple children, you are well aware how crazy the bathroom can get in the mornings. We love this idea for organzing each childs toothbrush, brush, etc. These floating shelves also help keep everything off the counter. 

Breakfast Tips

This blog has GREAT tips for quick breakfasts. Our favorite is the bacon, egg and toast muffins - make them on Sunday and you are good to go for the week! Each school also offers FREE breakfast, which can make your morning even easier! 

Packing Up The Night Before

Just like with lunches, make sure backpacks are ready to go in the morning! This will (hopefully) prevent forgotten homework and books - and give you one less thing to worry about in the morning. 

Schedules get lax and bedtimes get later in summer, so don't wait to start your school routine the first week of school. Start the week before, that way everyone has time to adjust to going to bed later and waking up earlier. 

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