Written by Burkburnett ISD | Sep 25, 2017 6:05:30 PM

A small sign on the top of one of Mrs. Nolan's shelves says a lot. It speaks to what not only the teachers believe about their school, but also the students. 

Elizabeth Nolan is the 5th grade ALPS teacher at Hardin Elementary. She, along with Principal Kendy Johnston, tasked the fifth graders with coming up with a project that would help others in their school. 

Their idea would become their project for the newly implemented Project Based Learning Program. 

After lots of brainstorming and a little help from their leaders, the kids came up with "The Hardin Clothes Closet." They would take clothing and shoe donations, sort and organize them, and put them in a small room that other kids could "go shopping in." 

The class said this idea was very exciting for them because they have all individually wanted to help others, but find that when they come together they can get a lot more done. They are super focused on helping their peers obtain clothes that they want to wear and feel proud to wear. 

Thus far, the students have been planning out how they will turn the small classroom into a functional closet, and they have great ideas! Some have thought to create shelves and rods, while others thought chicken wire to display items would be awesome. 

They have also been brainstorming how students who want to remain anonymous can get clothing. Their ideas have ranged from QR codes that can be scanned for information on how shop, to teachers having "tickets" that the students can submit with their sizes, but not their names. 

Although the students still have a ways to go, it is truly incredible how they have worked together and the ideas they have came up with. Their passion for the project is unwaivering and their teachers say it is all they talk about. 

Don't you see? Hardin really is a family. 

If you would like to help out students by donating new or gently used clothing and shoes or if your child needs to shop the closet, please contact Elizabeth Nolan ( or Kendy Johnston (

Principal Kendy Johnston wrote a blog for BIE about this project. She titled her blog, "The Power of Personal Purpose and Value in PLB," and you can read it here.