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Burkburnett Independent School District

Office of the Superintendent...

Superintendent Goals

Our Graduates . . .
  • Are prepared for success in an institute of higher learning or in the work force.
  • Apply accurate information to effectively solve problems and make decisions.
  • Internalize character education curriculum by demonstrating appropriate behaviors.
  • Investigate career pathways, develop vision and goals, communicate these by the end of ninth grade, and update annually through class assignments.
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic.
  • Are responsible citizens, involved in an approved community service.

  • Explore and implement ways to customize learning for all students
    1. Explore all possibilities with the District of Innovation
    2. Continue to Transform learning to inspire All students in an ever changing world
    3. Continue to monitor and evaluate instructional programs to eliminate non-value added programs and improve existing programs to increase student achievement.
  • Support the implementation of Professional Learning Communities and Project Based Learning
    1. Communicate PLC priority in developing authentic assessments for all students
  • Attract, retain, and develop professionals who empower, inspire and create passion for lifelong learning 
    1. Increase benefits and pay
    2. Support in the transition to new style of leadership
  • Continue to build relationships with teachers and other stakeholders
    1. Update district website - 100%
    2. Establish a district wide communication system to ensure dissemination of information and feedback
  • Begin to develop a community based accountability system
  • Implement and support strategic plan
  • Prepare to open the new campus and restructure the district
    1. Effectively manage the bond to meet production timelines within budget and on schedule
  • Keep student health and welfare a priority
    1. Create a social environment conducive to all students succeeding