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Burkburnett Independent School District

Office of the Superintendent...

Superintendent Goals

Our Graduates . . .
  • Are prepared for success in an institute of higher learning or in the work force.
  • Apply accurate information to effectively solve problems and make decisions.
  • Internalize character education curriculum by demonstrating appropriate behaviors.
  • Investigate career pathways, develop vision and goals, communicate these by the end of ninth grade, and update annually through class assignments.
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic.
  • Are responsible citizens, involved in an approved community service.

1. Expand Project Based Learning as the instructional model for the district. 

  • Support implementation of PLC and PBL 
  • Customize learning for all students 

2. Tighten and align curriculum across all grade levels

3. Develop a learning culture throughout the district 

  • Attract, retain and develop all staff
  • Develop a community-based accountability system 

4. Continue to build relationships

  • Keep student health and welfare a priority 
  • Advocate public education
  • Share the "Burkburnett Story" across the state

5. Implement and support the strategic plan

  • Open new campus and restructure district 
  • Maintain and improve facilities