Reading Deveopmental Stages


*Early Reader Characteristics (Kindergarten to late Grade 1)

  • Recognizes many high-frequency words
  • Uses illustrations to confirm meaning
  • Has good control of early reading strategies (letter/sound matching, locating unknown words)
  • Beginning to gain more information from print than from illustrations
  • Can figure out simple words using meaning, syntax, and phonics
  • Begins to recognize regular spelling patterns
  • Engages in some self-correction
  • Can read using more than one source of information
  • Is becoming more skilled at monitoring and cross-checking
  • Is gaining control of reading strategies
  • Can recognize and use beginning, middle, and ending letters/sounds to decode unfamiliar words
  • Can read familiar texts with phrasing and fluency
  • Can use prior knowledge to predict meaning
  • Can retell a story in their own words
  • Begins to attend to punctuation while reading
  • Occasionally uses story language in writing and oral language activities

*from Guided Reading in Grades K-2 by Anthony D. Fredericks