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Head Start Volunteers...

Parents, staff, and community representatives have an important role in helping make Head Start a success. As a parent or a community person, the program counts on you to make improvements. If you can read, write, sing, play a musical instrument, sew, or drive, you can be a volunteer. We need volunteers to meet program standards. Since there is no charge for Head Start services, the government assesses the value of Head Start by how many volunteers we have throughout the school year. Volunteer time can be given at home, as well as in the center. One of the most important ways to volunteer is to be an officer for your center or Policy Council or serve on the parent’s committee board. At the first parents’ meeting, the parents vote on a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer to carry out certain responsibilities for our center. Parents from each center also vote on a Policy Council representative and alternate. These people are very special because they vote on specific details concerning the budget, request for funds, and personnel policies.

Other volunteer activities include:

  • Reading stories to the children
  • Watch children during rest time
  • Provide cultural experiences
  • Assist with small group center activities (i.e. puppets, art, folder games, writing center, listening center, computer software, etc.)
  • Play some type of musical instrument for the children
  • Provide materials, experiences, resources for theme
  • Prepare the parents’ meeting room for parents’ activities
  • Help new parents become familiar with the program