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All students in Burkburnett High School grades 9-12 receive a Chromebook for home and school use. Our 1:1 program is expands well beyond devices in hand as it is designed to ensure that student learning is never inhibited by lack of connectivity. We call it C4TECH. With thousands of devices on the high school campus, a group of elite student interns, called C4TECH, was developed to handle maintenance of the program. 
Student Interns...
  • replace broken screens for Chromebooks
  • repair mouse and track pads for Chromebooks
  • replace keyboards for Chromebooks
  • troubleshoot Chromebook issues
  • install printers for teachers
  • update and maintain labs
  • troubleshoot computer and printer issues in the classrooms
  • run network drops
  • take certification exams for Microsoft, CompTIA IT Fundamentals, CompTIA A+, and CompTIA Network+.
  • In the future, they will be taking the Google IT Support Professtional Certification Exam.