Military Families

Burkburnett Independent School District



Q. Will credits from courses taken at previous out-of-state high school be accepted?

A. Yes. Burkburnett ISD adheres to the Military Interstate Compact, therefore credits that students receive from their previous school are automatically accepted.

Q. Will I be able to enroll in the necessary coursework to graduate on time?

A. Burkburnett ISD will make all efforts to work with each individual student to ensure they have the opportunity to graduate on time.

Q. What should I do if I’m interested in extra-curricular activities?

A. Students are welcome to contact the school and their information will immediately be given to the sponsors of the extra-curricular activities so that they can be included in them, even when school is not in session. Students are also eligible to audition during the open audition periods, but it is not possible to include them during elections since they are only held at certain time periods.

Q. Does your district offer AP courses?

A. Yes, we offer the following AP courses: AP English Literature, AP English Language, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP US Government, AP Spanish, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, and AP Computer Science.

Q. Does your district offer a Pre-K program?

A. Yes, we offer ½ day pre-kindergarten programs for three and four-year olds if the student/family qualifies. Contact the campus for qualification information