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Keeping Our Schools Safe
Burkburnett ISD has taken many steps to prepare for a variety of emergency situations to ensure that students and staff are safe and secure. District officials are regularly in contact with law enforcement officials and have coordinated with local emergency responders in developing emergency procedures.  
Burkburnett ISD staff members receive training and guidelines to help them prepare for various emergencies. Drills are conducted throughout the year to help students and employees become more familiar with what to do and where to go if something happens.

Below are several of the many safety and security projects and initiatives that have been approved by our Board of Trustees:

• SchoolMessenger Alert Notification System, an automated system that sends phone calls, text alerts, and emails about a range of important issues affecting students' safety, attendance and academic performance is now fully operational.

• Proximity card readers are fully operational at all campuses.  These readers are installed on all exterior doors and only allow access to certain personnel at given hours. Additionally, they allow full lock-down capability of exterior doors at the click of a mouse.

• Intruder locks were installed on all classroom doors to allow full lock-down capability. In addition, window blind and shade updates are being installed in classrooms and offices that need them for effective lockdown procedures.

• Fencing and Lighting plan is nearing completion.
Surveillance Equipment to provide video surveillance for campus entry ways and common areas are active at all campuses.

• Campus Communication Upgrades are installed to provide two-way classroom/office communication along with new public address systems for all campuses.
• Campus Visitor Kiosks are fully operational at all elementary campuses.  These systems scan drivers licenses to perform back-ground checks and print visitor passes and are required of all persons entering the campus.

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