District Reporting

Burkburnett Independent School District

Strategic Plan...

Charting Our Future Course . . .

Burkburnett ISD's strategic plan is based on the belief that we determine our schools' future and the best education for our youth by involving the community in the planning process.  This brings together all of our resources to achieve the district's goals and to provide our students and future citizens the best possible education.

We began this process when the Burkburnett ISD school board made a commitment to strategic planning.  A planning team of individuals from the schools and community participated in discussion to outline the strategic plan and share ideas and opinions.

Team members shared their vision for our students, schools, and community.  They agreed on their shared values, mission, district goals, desired student outcomes, and critical issues.

Team members looked at our schools in terms of what currently works well and what needs more attention.  From this, members identified the district's critical issues for the next three to seven years.

The next phase of our strategic planning begins by forming Innovative Research Teams of community and school volunteers.  They research and study the district's goals, develop the best ideas, and identify what actions will accomplish the goals.  The results are presented to the school board.

Once the reports are approved, the next phase involves Implementation Teams.  These teams develop operational plans describing how the best ideas will be implemented in the district, what the priorities should be, and what schedule is best.

To ensure that we keep the plan alive, we will involve the original planning team in an annual review to determine which actions have been successful and which need more attention.

District Strategic Goals . . .

A strategic goal is a desired condition, outcome, or accomplishment that if achieved in the next three to seven years would successfully address one or more critical issues and help accomplish our schools' mission.

These goals guide and focus the following:
  • Student learning will be highly engaging and purposeful through effective partnerships among all stakeholders.
  • Burkburnett ISD team members will be essential stakeholders in creating a high-quality work environment.
  • Burkburnett ISD will maximize efficiency while recovering lost revenue to enhance student success.
  • Create environmentally efficent and durable facilities to meet the needs of the 21st century learners.
  • Parent and community involvement will connect all stakeholders in the unified purpose.