Transcript Request

For Past BHS Graduates

Burkburnett High School Transcript Requests...

Obtaining A Copy of Your High School Transcript For Past Graduates Only. Current Students Please Contact Burkburnett High School.

1.  How to Order.

We must have a written request from the student:

You may print a STUDENT TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM (below) and mail it to our office at the address below, or fax it to us at (940) 569-4776.

Sorry, email requests are not accepted.

2.  What Information You Need To Include:

Full Name (including all previous names)
Date of birth
Last 4 digits of student's social security number
Current Telephone number
Year of graduation or withdrawal
Student's signature
Complete address of where the transcript is to be sent

3.  How Do I Get My Transcript?

You may pick up your transcript after being informed that it is ready or you may have it mailed.

4.  Cost:

Transcripts are provided at a cost of $5.00 each.

5.  Processing Time: 

It normally takes 2-3 days for us to process your transcript after receiving your request.  In peak periods, it may take longer.

6.  Send the Signed Request to:

Burkburnett ISD
Attn:  Tona Alley
100 N. Ave. D
Burkburnett, TX  76354

7.  For Additional Questions:

Please call Tona Alley at (940) 569-3326 ext. 2000 or email