Gateway Alternative Education Center

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Gateway Accelerated Academy

Program Description - The BISD Gateway Accelerated Academy Program is a computer-based education and credit restoration program that is designed to allow students within BISD the opportunity to work toward mastering grade level requirements at their own pace. It may also provide students who have been identified as at-risk with an opportunity to graduate with their peers and allow increased chances for success in their post-secondary endeavors. The Gateway Accelerated Academy Program, a program of choice, is centered around an individualized, flexible, self-paced program with admissions occurring throughout the academic year. This means a student may complete his or her required coursework for graduation at any time during the academic year. Link for application:

Disciplinary Alternative Education Program

A Disciplinary Alternative Education Program, or DAEP, is an educational and self-discipline alternative instructional program that is adopted by local policy.  Placement at DAEP is a serious consequence for students in elementary through high school grades who are removed from their regular classes for mandatory or discretionary disciplinary reasons and placed in a DAEP. Parents/Guardians of students placed at DAEP are required to attend a mandatory intake meeting with DAEP staff. The purpose of the intake meeting is to explain policies, expectations, and procedures, ask questions, or express concerns before a student begins. To schedule an intake meeting, please call 940-569-8150. Students placed in DAEP receive instruction in academics from both their home campus and DAEP, as well as instruction in social skills, problem solving skills, and positive interventions, behaviors, and supports in interacting with others. Students at DAEP still follow the Student Code of Conduct, and additional persistent or serious misconduct may result in an extended placement.


- Anna Black, AEC Principal

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