Reflection from Dr. Owen

Reflecting today about the school year and our amazing graduation! This was my 27th year in education and with each passing year, I think about all the accomplishments our students and staff have reached.

This year was truly a great one in every sense of the word. Our students and staff did things we never could have dreamed of. While this year was a great one, we weren’t perfect by any means. As educators, and as parents, we aren’t ever 100%, and we never will be. Raising and educating students in today’s world is no easy task and it takes all of us.
But listening to our speakers last night, I was comforted by the one constant here in BISD and the community of Burkburnett. No matter what our outside world is doing and no matter what narrative may be going around, we (BISD AND BURKBURNETT) love OUR kids!! And we work hard to ensure OUR kids get the best they deserve. Do we always get it right? Of course not. Do we have our bad days? Of course we do. But all in all, this was another great year full of concrete examples and evidence of the love and hope we have for OUR kids and the lengths we will go to for them!
We love OUR kids, we love OUR town, and we love OUR calling as educators!
That is The Bulldog Way!