Students hold anchor chart

Fourth grade students at Tower Elementary have been captivated in learning!  

In Mrs. Martinez' reading classes, students first suggested some of their favorite songs.  From the list, 4 songs were chosen.  Students then worked in groups to analyze the lyrics to find instances of voice and imagery.  Students created posters to demonstrate their understanding of voice / imagery / and word choice!

Mrs. Martinez and Mrs. McMath have teamed up to work on descriptive writing.  In patterns of power, students were able to choose a photo from a time in their life.  Students wrote a short paragraph using descriptive language. 

In Mrs. Dimock's math classes, the students used numberless word problems.  They pulled Amazon Halloween candy from a bag for their mystery item.  Each box or bag of candy contained a certain amount of pieces.  Each group discussed the problem to see if if was a one or two step problem. They used the mystery item to fill in the numbers of the problem.  Last, the groups solved the problem with multiplication and division.  After each group completed the numberless word problems, the groups met individually with Mrs. Dimock to check for accuracy and clarify any misconceptions.  The 4th grade students loved this activity, because it used real world items to create word problems.  They also said that it was fun to fill in the numbers on the problems.  Mrs. Dimock was very impressed with the conversations and math talk happening in each group during this activity!

In Mrs. McMath's science classes, students have been learning about electrical energy. Students created electrical circuits and tested different objects to determine if they were insulators or conductors!

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