Math project

When walking down the 4th grade hallway,  beautifully colored and bright pizzas cover the wall.  They are so eye appealing!   John G. Tower 4th Grade Teacher Mrs. Dimock is so innovative!   When asked about her "Pizza Crew Project," she said the following:  "I had the pleasure of teaching this group of students math in third grade because I looped up with them. In third grade, they mastered memorizing their multiplication facts. This year I decided to vamp it up by having them memorize their division facts! The fourth graders are working towards the goal of memorizing all the way through the nines for division. When they meet the skull, they become part of the Pizza crew! In the spring, the Pizza crew will be having pizza with Mrs. Dimock in the classroom for celebration of their hard work!"  What a teacher!  Thank you Mrs. Dimock for your creativity in bringing out the best in your students!